The County Economic Development Framework includes 10 Strategy Areas, places that deserve further study as economic development and investment areas.

Strategy Area 2: Southeast Manufacturing Hub

The Southeast Manufacturing Hub is a critical area of manufacturing, wholesale trade, and construction jobs with a primary focus on high tech manufacturing and food processing.

Southeast Manufacturing Hub mapQuick Look

  • Total Jobs 2011: 34,512
  • Highest Concentrations: Manufacturing (35.7%),
    Wholesale Trade (13.6%)
  • Percent of Jobs Paying More than
    $40,000 Annually: 51.9%
  • Percent of Current Employees with a Bachelor’s Degree: 21.5%
  • Percent of Employees Age 29 or Younger: 18.0%
  • Corridor Assets: Freight rail lines, Metroparks
  • Recent and Planned Investments: Two Corridor TLCIs
  • Communities and Advocates: Solon; Oakwood; Glenwillow; Bedford Heights; and Warrensville Heights
  • Training and Education Centers: N/A
  • County Districts: 6 and 9

Download the Economic Development Framework to learn more about the assets and strategies for this and the other nine identified Strategy Areas.