Orange Village has over seven miles of recreational trails that connect its neighborhoods to the Pinecrest Mixed-Use District where guests can shop, dine, work and live.

The trails also connect with Orange Village Park and its state-of-the-art playground, sand volleyball court, soccer field, baseball fields, and much more. The 6 foot-wide meandering, all-purpose trails of Orange Village allow users to connect with the Cleveland Metroparks through connections with neighboring communities. .

The recreational trails project was paid for by the developer of Pinecrest as part of an assessment.

Orange Village Recreational Trails

Location: Orange Village
Length: 7.65 miles
Type & uses: Paved all-purpose trails
Challenge level: easy
Hours of operation: 24 hrs. per day; 7 days per week
Level of Traffic Stress rating: TBD

Orange Village trails

Accessibility, Parking & Operations

Transit: RTA Routes 5, 15, 41F
Biking/Walking: any property abutting the trail, Orange Village parks, Pinecrest development, connected to the City of Solon (to the south); from neighborhood side streets
Vehicle: Chagrin Blvd., Harvard Rd., Emery Rd., Miles Rd., Brainard Rd., Lander Rd.
Parking: Pinecrest Lifestyle Center, Municipal Center, Orange Village parks.
Managed & maintained by: Orange Village and the Orange Village Service department

Orange Village trails


A mostly rectangular network of all-purpose, off-road trails encompassing Harvard, Brainard, Lander and Miles Roads. Design is a meandering 6’ wide concrete path with safe crossings of side streets and cross roads.

Points of interest & Amenities

  • Orange Village Municipal Center
  • Orange Village Parks: nature preserves with paved trails & fitness stations, dog park, baseball fields, soccer/football field, tether ball, sand volleyball, pickleball, and two tot lots with picnic pavilions & sledding hill, tables and grills
  • Community Garden
  • Pinecrest Development
  • Businesses on Miles Rd., Brainard Rd., Harvard Rd.
  • Access to all Orange Village subdivisions

Orange Village trails


Timeline: Planning for the trails network started during the initial planning discussions with Fairmount Properties, developer of the Pinecrest Lifestyle Center on Harvard Rd.

Funding & Design: Fairmount Properties and Orange Village established an agreement by which, as part of the Pinecrest Development, Fairmount Properties would provide funds for the design and construction of the Orange Village Trails. Orange Village staff managed all aspects of the project from planning through design and construction.

Opened: Construction began in 2018. Currently 85% of the trails are completed and the remainder will be completed by the end of 2020.

Partners: Orange Village and Fairmount Properties

Cost: $4,680,000 construction; $320,000 planning/engineering; $0 land, other construction; $0 donated property. In the development agreement with Orange Village, Fairmount Properties financed $5 million dollars toward the project.


Orange Village maps


Kathy Mulcahy, Mayor
Robert Zugan, Service Director
Brian Mader, Village Engineer

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