The Data Book Series was developed to provide information annually about our communities, our county, and our region in topic areas that are critical to our well-being.

The Data Books are intended to be used by local governments, community organizations, and others interested in learning more about our communities. They can also be used as a resource in preparing grant applications, understanding community changes, and identifying issues to address.

2020 Data Book

Cover of the Data BookOur Communities is County Planning’s first Data Book. It includes demographic, economic, housing, land use, and transportation profiles for all of Cuyahoga County’s communties.

Current Data Books

The Data Books Series includes two subsets. Our Communities covers data related to the communities within Cuyahoga County, how they compare to one another, and covering local data points:

Our Region covers data for Cuyahoga County and the Cleveland-Elyria Metro Area as it compares to other regions nationally.

  • Our Region: The 2020 Data Book (forthcoming)
Race and ethnicity maps
The Data Books include maps and graphs that highlight important demographic features, such as these maps showing race and ethnicity in Cuyahoga County.

Future Data Book Expansions

The Data Book series was conceived and developed to be updated annually as new data becomes available. Future editions of the Data Book will be posted on this web page.

Data Accuracy

The Data Books generally use information collected and shared by external sources, and the data source for each metric is listed on the appropriate page. The goal of the document is to provide only the most relevant and accurate data available; however, we have not independently verified the information. For questions about data, suggestions for improvements, or identification of errors, please contact County Planning.

More Information

For additional data on Cuyahoga County communities, please visit our Census Data pages.

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