The Funding and Resources Guidebook is a library of grants, tools, and available assistance in Cuyahoga County for the benefit of residents.

The Guidebook provides useful information to the communities and eligible nonprofit organizations of Cuyahoga County that provide services to citizens. It can be utilized to find funders that will pay for projects and resources to help in the delivery of services.

Funding and Resources Guidebook

cover of the Funding and Resources GuidebookThe Funding and Resources Guidebook highlights sources of grant dollars that can supplement the operating budgets of Cuyahoga County communities, and includes other useful resources.

The information in the Guidebook is grouped by topic with a description of each resource and a link to its website. When it is accessed online, the web addresses in the Guidebook are hyperlinks. The Introduction page provides tips on how to use the Guidebook and what to think about when writing a grant. The funding sources and resources are current as of the date of publication of this Guidebook. Updates to this Guidebook will occur at regular intervals.

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