Examples and resources for local Special Improvement Districts

SID Examples in Cuyahoga County

The map below shows the locations of existing and proposed SIDs in Cuyahoga County, and the table displays information on the budgets and assessments for each SID.

Map of existing SIDs in Cuyahoga County
Locations of existing and proposed SIDs in Cuyahoga County, as of 2020
Information on the budget and assessment for each SID
Special Improvement District Year Est. Most Recent Renewal Term of Plan 2020 Budget* Annual Budget Increase Method of Assessment
Frontage Value Assessment Notes
Cedar Fairmount 2003 2018 5 Yrs $66,275 0.00% 0% 100%
Cedar Lee 2003 2018 5 Yrs $155,888 0.00% 0% 100%
Coventry 1996 2017 5 Yrs $165,300 3.00% 0% 100%
Downtown Cleveland 2006 2016 5 Yrs $4,063,407 1.00% 25% 75% Max value of district properties capped at $100m; Assessment rate reduced by half for value between $50m – $100m
Gordon Square 2011 2016 5 Yrs $133,663 2.50% 100% 0%
Kamm’s Corners 2015 2018 5 Yrs $30,000 0.00% 90% 10%
Ohio City 2012 2020 5 Yrs $570,000 3.00% 65% 35% Max assessment of single-family, owner-occupied dwellings capped at $500
Superior Arts 2018 3 Yrs $208,996 3.00%

* Each district’s budget represents an annual amount for the first year of its most recent services plan renewal

Sample Documents

The following list provides downloadable PDF examples of documents from various stages in the SID formation process. These are only meant to serve as examples; please consult your jurisdiction’s legal resources for local regulations on SID/nonprofit formation.

Cedar Fairmount SID
Example Resources:

Cedar Lee SID
Example Resources:

Coventry SID
Example Resources:

Downtown Cleveland SID
Example Resources:

Gordon Square SID
Example Resources:

Kamm’s Corner SID
Example Resources:

Ohio City SID
Example Resources:

Special Energy Improvement and Shoreline Improvement Projects

Ohio law treats special energy improvement projects and shoreline improvement projects included in a Special Improvement District with some differences from the requirements for a Special Improvement District in a business district. While the SID Guidebook is written to describe SIDs formed in business districts, this Addendum provides an overview of special energy improvement and shoreline SIDs.

Ohio Revised Code

Relevant sections of the ORC include:

Top image: Flats East Bank by Erik Drost; accessed 8/26/20; licensed under CC BY 2.0