• houses in Cleveland Heights

    Cleveland Heights Accessory Dwelling Unit Study

    The Cleveland Heights Accessory Dwelling Unit Study detailed the costs and benefits associated with ADUs, analyzed the city's zoning code, and offered best practices for implementation.

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  • a RTA MetroHealth Line bus stops at the Intro TOD development in Ohio City

    Transit-Oriented Development Zoning Study

    The TOD Zoning Study aims to improve zoning regulations and governmental policies in order to attract more transit-oriented development to key corridors in Cuyahoga County.

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  • Maple Heights Zoning Code Update

    In concurrent phases, County Planning worked with the City of Maple Heights to review, prepare, and update the existing zoning map for both online and paper delivery, and reviewed and updated the Broadway Corridor Zoning Overlay with proposed text revisions

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  • Single-Family Zoning Analysis

    The Single-Family Zoning Analysis aims to identify issues within zoning and outline best practices for making the construction of desired infill housing more practicable.

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  • Newburgh Heights Zoning Code Update

    Strengthening the community’s policy decisions by supporting the Village’s vision and master plan, and by bringing its Ordinance up to date with contemporary language, standards, and policies

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