Strengthening the community’s policy decisions by supporting the Village’s vision and master plan, and by bringing its Ordinance up to date with contemporary language, standards, and policies


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County Planning worked closely with Village staff to reformat the community’s Planning & Zoning Code and Official Zoning Map. The project team took an in-depth look at the existing Ordinance and created new tables, graphics, and application process charts to make the new Code easy to navigate and user friendly.

This presentation is also available for downloading (PDF).
The project consisted of six phases:

  • Phase 1: Review Existing Ordinance
    • Gather and review existing Zoning Ordinance
    • Develop summary report of preliminary issues
    • Meet with project team to discuss which Ordinance elements need to be address
  • Phase 2: Draft Ordinance Revisions
    • Draft revisions to existing Ordinance
  • Phase 3: Draft New & Additional Design Standards
    • Draft new and additional provisions for design and development standards
    • Combine new Ordinance elements into a “Review Draft”
    • Meet with the project team to discuss the “Review Draft” of the Ordinance
  • Phase 4: Draft Zoning Map in GIS
    • Prepare new Zoning Map for the Village using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology
  • Phase 5: Prepare Draft for Planning Commission
    • Prepare completed draft Zoning Ordinance for the Village
    • Meet with the project team to discuss the completed draft of the revised Zoning Ordinance
    • Summary presentation to the Planning Commission
  • Phase 6: Prepare Final Ordinance for Mayor and Council
    • Meet with project team to discuss recommendations to the Planning Commission
    • Prepare completed final draft Zoning Ordinance
    • Summary presentation to the Mayor and Village Council

Newburgh Heights zoning map