Our Vision

Inspiring all of our communities to thrive

Our Mission

To advance Cuyahoga County’s social, economic, and environmental health through equitable community planning

Our Core Values

Inclusion, Collaboration, Communication, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence

The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission was established in 1989 as a representative forum. County Planning provides policy planning in the traditional and important planning areas of land use, zoning, and project planning.

For Our Community…

Strengthen local planning by promoting County Planning’s professional services in master plans, zoning, project management and program administration.

For Our Region…

Identify and lead innovative planning projects and initiatives to address issues of mutual concern to the County and its 59 communities.

For Our Future…

Promote and encourage the use of best practices in all areas of land use, transportation, economic development.

Cuyahoga County communities

Map of Cuyahoga County communities

Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Map showing Cuyahoga County's location in Ohio

Top photo courtesy of Cuyahoga County