Our Communities: The 2022 Data Book is County Planning’s third annual Data Book about Cuyahoga County’s communities. It includes up-to-date information on demographics, the economy, housing, land use, and transportation for all of the county’s cities, villages, and townships.

Current Data Book

Our Communities covers local data sets related to the communities within Cuyahoga County and how they compare to one another.

2022 Data Book

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Interactive visualizations

The Data Book covers 40 indicators in five categories. Each indicator is mapped and displayed as a list by community. The sorted lists are not meant to suggest a ranking for each community. Communities have different sizes, shapes, land use compositions, and locations; and these factors affect the data. This data should be taken as a whole to understand a community’s complete profile.

This edition of the Data Book includes one new data set: Place of Birth.

maps showing place of birth in Cuyahoga County by census tract

Data Products

To incorporate summary data from this Data Book into your work products, we are providing data from this publication as a spreadsheet and as map services for use in GIS applications.

If you use this information in your work, please let us know. We would appreciate learning about how you use it.

Past Data Books

In general, information in the current and previous Data Books should not be compared. Most of the data comes from multi-year surveys with overlapping time periods that do not provide appropriate comparisons.

Data Accuracy

The Data Books generally use information collected and shared by external sources, and the data source for each metric is listed on the appropriate page. The goal of the document is to provide only the most relevant and accurate data available; however, we have not independently verified the information. For questions about data, suggestions for improvements, or identification of errors, please contact County Planning.

More Information

For additional data on Cuyahoga County communities, please visit our Census Data pages.

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