County Planning, the Department of Sustainability, and the Brendle Group created several dashboards to visualize the findings from the Cuyahoga County Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory.

Three dashboards can be viewed below. In the “County Total Emissions” dashboard, you can filter for overall County emissions data and trends from 2010-19.

In the “Community Dashboard”, you can filter for community breakout emissions and trends from 2010-19, and compare communities. Please note that community breakout data are estimates and some smaller municipalities show no natural gas use, which may be a result of how natural gas utilities track the location data. Ex: Chagrin Falls Township data may have been reported with Chagrin Falls Village.

In the “County per Capita Emissions” dashboard, you can compare per capita emissions by community over the county’s geography by sector and source.

*Please note that all data is still being validated – data is not expected to change significantly during this process

Key terms:

  • Greenhouse Gas: Any gas that absorbs infrared radiation (heat) in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.
  • Carbon Dioxide Equivalents (CO2e): A standard unit for measuring carbon footprints that expresses the impact of all gases in the amount of CO2 it would take to create the same warming effect.
  • Metric Tons CO2e (MT CO2e): Standard units for reporting GHG emissions under international protocol.