Explore the tree canopy metrics in more detail with these spreadsheets and GIS files. Tree canopy layers are also part of our interactive Greenprint Viewer.


Tree canopy metrics are available for downloading at several geographic summary levels:UTC Downloadable Spreadsheet Image

GIS Data

Tree canopy metrics are available as ESRI SHP files for selected geographic levels:Sample Downloadable GIS data Image

Non-Plantable Areas (ZIP): areas removed from “Potential Planting Area” analysis (e.g., ball fields, agriculture, non-tree habitat, etc.)

Downloadable GIS Landcover ImageA 10-class land cover raster image is available in an ESRI-compatible IMAGINE format, and is posted on the Cuyahoga County GIS FTP server (email gis@cuyahogacounty.us for login permissions and instructions). For more details on the land cover production process, please see the Cuyahoga County Land Cover Report posted in our reports section.