The City of Rocky River’s Community Survey was conducted to understand issues of importance to residents of the community.

Rocky River Community Survey

  • Rocky River Community Survey coverExecutive Summary: The executive summary provides a snapshot of the most important and compelling survey results.
  • Final Report: The report features answers to individual questions, arranged by topic. They are described, displayed graphically, and analyzed.
  • Appendix: The appendices include detailed response information and the survey document.

The Rocky River Survey was an opportunity for public officials to gather the thoughts and opinions of residents. The outcomes of the survey assisted in the Master Plan process and policy formation. County Planning worked with the City of Rocky River to design, distribute, collect, and analyze the residential survey.

The printed survey consisted of 32 questions arranged by topics, which included parks and recreation, quality of life, commercial development, housing, transportation, communications, infrastructure, and city identity. Of the 1,400 mailed surveys, 503 were returned and included in the analysis.

This presentation was made to the City of Rocky River in November 2016 and is also available for downloading.

Please see the Rocky River Master Plan for additional information.