The 2024 Orange Village Community-Wide Survey is an opportunity for residents and businesses to provide input on community values, issues, services, and facilities through an online Community Survey.

The Orange Village Community-Wide Survey has been extended until the end of the month! If you live or own a business in Orange Village be sure to take the survey by July 31st to let us know your vision for the Village’s future!
2024 Orange Village Community-Wide Survey
Take the survey by July 31, 2024

In partnership with Orange Village, County Planning is administering an online survey to seek input from residents and businesses on various topics relating to community values, issues, services, facilities, and overall direction of the village. A well-designed survey provides valuable feedback by collecting community opinions for consideration during the decision-making process. County Planning has previously administered surveys in Orange Village in 2007 and 2014.


The Orange Village Community-Wide Survey process consists of three phases outlined below.

Phase 1: Survey Design & Questions
This phase involves drafting and finalizing survey questions in collaboration with Orange Village roughly based off previous Orange Village Community Surveys.

Phase 2: Survey Distribution and Administration

The second phase involves the designing of advertising materials (yard signs, fliers, mailers, social media posts, and post cards) for dissemination by the village. In addition, this phase involves monitoring and administering the Community-Wide Survey.

Phase 3: Survey Analytics & Report

The final phase involves tabulating survey responses into a results report with comparisons to other surveys where applicable, a description of survey methodology, detailed analysis of respondent population, and key takeaways.

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We welcome and encourage all questions, comments, and feedback about the Orange Village Community-Wide Survey. Please contact:

Paul Triolo, Planner