The intent of the Center Ridge Corridor Master Plan is to build a safe, connected, attractive, and vibrant Center Ridge Road for all users regardless of age, ability, or mode of transportation.

Center Ridge Corridor Master Plan

cover of the Center Ridge Corridor Master planThe Center Ridge Corridor Master Plan is complete and was presented to Westlake City Council on February 7, 2022. Also available is a short video executive summary.

The Center Ridge Road Corridor Master Plan is a collection of community aspirations that aim to inspire and guide city officials and residents as to what vision they might have for this corridor both today and into the future. The intent of the plan is to create a unified vision for the street that integrates transportation and land use needs, strengthens neighborhood and community connections, while also addressing changing community needs and challenges.


The Center Ridge Corridor planning process began in 2019 and took a little over two years to complete due to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent response. County Planning, with help from the Project Team (a group of City staff) and a Steering Committee (a group of residents and stakeholders), guided the master planning process. County Planning staff developed an existing conditions assessment to better understand current conditions in Westlake. County Planning staff also studied best practices around the country, state, and region to create both aspirational and achievable goals. This analysis and review of corridor trends established a baseline for the City of Westlake and for the recommendations contained in this plan.

Public Engagement

Public meeting participants
Public meeting participants

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically and rapidly disrupted nearly every aspect of our daily lives. The Center Ridge Corridor Master Plan was still in its infancy when the world went into lockdown, which ultimately required participants to be flexible and remain open minded to the ever-changing environment of conducting community outreach in an era when in-person meetings were not permitted. This meant being innovative and creative with public formats and embracing non-traditional methods for community outreach. All the various groups and stakeholders involved met numerous times virtually with County Planning staff and participated in several online surveys and activities.

City Council Presentation

February 7, 2022

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The plan identified four key principles or approaches to the recommendations: Connected; Safe, Attractive; and Vibrant. These principles represent core concepts and philosophies that should guide and influence decisions for proposed changes along the corridor and serve as the foundation for recommendations and next steps. "Connected" outlines a commitment to improving pedestrian and bicycle connections to help foster healthier and equitable access to key amenities and destinations. "Safe" supports efforts that make Center Ridge safer and more inclusive for all users, regardless of transportation choice. "Attractive" aims to build a more appealing and sustainable Center Ridge as the corridor grows and transforms in the future. Finally, "Vibrant" recommends assembling a mix of residences and neighborhood businesses that create a vibrant and unique sense of place. Taken together, each of these principles represent an integrated and all-inclusive methodology for improving Center Ridge Road in Westlake.