The City of Westlake's Center Ridge Corridor Master Plan builds upon the unique history and high-quality assets that exist along this significant six mile stretch of roadway.

Center Ridge Corridor Master Plan

cover of the Center Ridge Corridor Master planThe Center Ridge Corridor Master Plan is complete and was presented to Westlake City Council on February 7, 2022. Also available is a short video executive summary.

The Center Ridge Road Corridor Master Plan is a collection of community aspirations that aim to inspire and guide city officials and residents as to what vision they might have for this corridor both today and into the future. The intent of the plan is to create a unified vision for the street that integrates transportation and land use needs, strengthens neighborhood and community connections, while also addressing changing community needs and challenges. The Center Ridge Corridor Master Plan will examine and incorporate any local, regional, and national trends to help Westlake expand opportunities to create a safe, welcoming, and vibrant corridor.

The City of Westlake was awarded Master Plan funding through a competitive grant process from the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission. County Planning is facilitating the planning process by bringing together data, community leaders, citizens, and public institutions to craft a plan for action.


A Master Plan is a policy guide created by the City of Westlake in collaboration with residents, business owners, stakeholders, and interested groups. It is a long-term plan for how the corridor might grow and develop in the future, and it is intended to look five to ten years from present day. The Center Ridge Corridor Plan generally consists of a five-phase process.

Current Conditions: The Current Conditions phase involves collecting data on demographics, land use, and transportation to be used as a baseline for understanding the community and how it compares locally, regionally, and nationally.

Community Vision: In the Community Vision phase, County Planning will facilitate the articulation of a vision for how the corridor might grow and change in the next decade based on input from residents, businesses, and community leaders.

Goals and Actions: The Goals and Actions phase will outline the steps necessary to achieve the community’s desired future.

Implementation: The Implementation phase builds on the goals and actions steps from the previous phase to outline strategies, partners, responsibilities, and priorities for undertaking actions.

Master Plan Document: In the final phase, County Planning will combine all the previous phases into a completed Master Plan document.

Public Engagement

The planning process involves public involvement at a variety of stages and levels, including leadership from the City of Westlake, a Steering Committee of community stakeholders, and other public engagement efforts. This helps ensure the plan reflects the concerns, ideas, and priorities of residents and business owners. Please look for regular updates, meeting announcements, and documents posted on this page as the plan progresses.

Public meeting participants
Public meeting participants

Meeting Materials

Public Meetings

City Council Presentation (February 7, 2022)

Download the presentation

Virtual Public Meeting (June 1-30, 2021)

Download the presentation

Public Meeting #1 (January 23, 2020)

Steering Committee Meetings

Steering Committee #1 - Introduction (June 12, 2019)

Steering Committee #2 - Current Conditions (November 6, 2019)

Contact Us

Questions or comments about the Center Ridge Corridor Master Plan should be directed to:

Mr. Michael Mears, PLA, AICP
Senior Planner, Cuyahoga County Planning Commission


Mr. Patrick Hewitt, AICP
Senior Planner, Cuyahoga County Planning Commission

Project Area

Map of the study area