We are currently working with our regional stakeholders to develop targets, goals, and strategies to both mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Venn diagram explaining mitigation and adaptation - the differences and similiarities

We are organizing around five main focus areas: energy, water, health, transportation, and land use.


This area identifies opportunities to increase energy efficiency and deploy more advanced and renewable energy in the county. Some of our key partners include our County’s Economic Development Department, the 2030 District, Council of Smaller Enterprises, our universities, and County municipalities.

picture of brooklyn, ohio solar array


This area identifies adaptation strategies for the impacts of climate change on our water systems. Some of our key partners include our County Public Works Department, the Soil and Water Conservation District, Cleveland Water, and the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

picture of lake erie from upper edwater


This area identifies and outlines health impacts associated with climate change, and provides adaptation strategies to ensure public health, especially for those most vulnerable in our community. Some key areas this area will address are extreme weather, food-borne illness, vector-borne diseases, water quality, and air pollution. Some of our key partners include the County Board of Health and our local health-care systems.

picture of a pond within the metroparks


This area identifies ways to increase use and development of low-emissions transportation modes (alternative transportation) – biking, walking, transit, ride-sharing, and electric vehicles. Some of our key partners include our County Public Works Department, NOACA, and GCRTA.

picture of two people on uh bike share

Land use

This area identifies best land use practices for mitigating and adapting to climate change. Some of our key partners include NOACA, Cleveland Metroparks, Holden Forests and Gardens, and the County’s Solid Waste District.

Public meeting participants supplying feedback on a comments board