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Under the leadership of Mayor Timothy DeGeeter, the City of Parma formed a Town Center Task Force in late 2013 to develop a cohesive vision for a vibrant town center.

Its mission was “to develop a targeted-area master plan for what will create Parma’s City Center, in the geographic area surrounding the Shoppes of Parma, Parma City Hall and Parma Community General Hospital.” The 15-member Task Force included stakeholders who represented the area’s institutions and business community. Cuyahoga County Planning Commission Executive Director Glenn Coyne served as facilitator through the County’s Loaned Executive Program.image of people at meeting

The Task Force held a series of meetings and public forums throughout 2014 and presented this Action Plan to Parma City Council in December 2014. Three major themes emerged from the Task Force’s recommendations: transportation, design guidelines, and branding. To carry out the recommendations, the Action Plan identified a set of action items and an implementation timeline. The Action Plan is intended to be a living document, and its recommendations and action items should be updated as appropriate.

Download the Action Plan document (5.7 MB)