Explore the tree canopy metrics in more detail with these spreadsheets and GIS files.


Tree canopy metrics are available for downloading at several geographic summary levels:UTC Downloadable Spreadsheet Image

GIS Data

Tree canopy metrics are available as ESRI SHP files for selected geographic levels:Sample Downloadable GIS data Image

Non-Plantable Areas (ZIP): areas removed from “Potential Planting Area” analysis (e.g., ball fields, agriculture, non-tree habitat, etc.)

Downloadable GIS Landcover ImageA 10-class land cover raster image is available in an ESRI-compatible IMAGINE format, and is posted on the Cuyahoga County GIS FTP server (email gis@cuyahogacounty.us for login permissions and instructions). For more details on the land cover production process, please see the Cuyahoga County Land Cover Report posted in our reports section.

Map services

A number of the urban tree canopy map layers are available as map services. These map services are viewable through a standard web browser (ArcGIS.com), Google Earth, or desktop ArcGIS software. Note that each of these layers require the user to zoom in until features begin to appear.