Cuyahoga Greenways is a joint effort between County Planning, Cleveland Metroparks, and NOACA to build an interconnected system of greenways and trails that link neighborhoods, parks, and public transportation, and create a comprehensive countywide active transportation network.

Cuyahoga Greenways logoThank you to everyone who participated in the Cuyahoga Greenways public meetings in January. If you were unable to attend, please tell us about your routes and travel preferences by completing our public survey.

Project Background

The greenway system will provide recreation opportunities and alternative transportation options for moving around the county, on foot and by bike, and improving our communities’ health, well-being, and economic vitality.

Trail winding through the woodsAs a tool for improving transportation, the Cuyahoga Greenways system will provide more than just new links between the communities of Northeast Ohio. By taking the successes and lessons of the Eastside Greenway and applying them to all of Cuyahoga County, the Cuyahoga Greenways plan aims to develop an equitable transportation strategy that benefits all ages, abilities, and users. Whether walking the dog, pushing a stroller, or commuting to work, the Cuyahoga Greenways network is logical, well-connected, and accessible, providing unique experiences and a variety of benefits to the region. These benefits stretch beyond transportation to include; increasing quality of life by encouraging healthier lifestyles, boosting property values, positively impacting the local economy, improving storm water capture, and reducing carbon emissions. Cuyahoga Greenways can help shift the thinking about transportation countywide for a healthier and more sustainable future by highlighting the benefits of Greenways while also supporting communities with more accessible, affordable, and better connected multi-modal transportation options.

Funded by the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) through their Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative (TLCI), this active transportation project includes outreach and coordination with multiple organizations, municipalities, and the public to develop this robust greenway network. The project team is preparing this network of candidate routes connecting existing trails, parks, and points of interest throughout every community in Cuyahoga County. As part of this preliminary step, the project team prepared a series of maps showing natural land cover, existing and proposed bicycle lanes, and points of interest. The team also assembled a project flyer for easy printing and sharing.

Candidate Route Viewer

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Public Meetings

Round Two: January 2018

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Round One: August 2017

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Coming Soon

Please watch this space for more updates and opportunities for you to participate in the planning process. We’re counting on the residents of Cuyahoga County to fully participate in the making of the Cuyahoga Greenways Plan.

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