The NRAC received four (4) applications from two (2) applicants for funding through the Round 2022-2023 Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program, requesting a total of $3,274,150.  District One has approximately $3,348,212 in OPWC funding.

This year all the projects submitted are greenspace acquisition projects.

map of projects submitted for Clean Ohio funding

Project ID Applicant Project Name Type Project Total Project Cost Funding Request Other Funding Cumulative Request
CLM-23–01 Cleveland Metroparks Hawthorn Creek Acquisition and Preservation Open Space $2,720,000 $2,040,000 $680,000 $2,040,000
WCC-22-01 West Creek Conservancy Chippewa Creek Conservation Corridor Open Space $578,500 $263,500 $315,000 $2,303,500
WCC-22-02 West Creek Conservancy Glenwillow Greenway Expansion Project Open Space $946,650 $324,650 $622,000 $2,628,150
WCC-22-03 West Creek Conservancy Zaclon River Landing Open Space $1,681,000 $646,000 $1,035,000 $3,274,150

For additional details, please see the Round 2022-2023 Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program application summary.