The Clean Ohio Conservation Program is a bond program created by the state of Ohio in 2000 to fund the protection of natural areas, farmland, streams, and wetlands.Clean Ohio East Branch Rocky River Heron Rookery

As with the SCIP Program, District One consists of Cuyahoga County and the Natural Resource Assistance Council (NRAC) oversees the Clean Ohio Conservation program in Cuyahoga County. Through an Administrative Services Agreement, County Planning assists the NRAC in implementing the annual program:Clean Ohio Friest Ridge Preserve

  1. Recommending a Project Selection and Evaluation Methodology.
  2. Preparing Application Materials.
  3. Reviewing and scoring the submitted applications for further review and final recommendation by the DOPWIC.
  4. Preparing and submitting the projects recommended for funding.

distributes funds to local communities and nonprofit organizations to protect open space, clean up brownfields, preserve farmland, and construct hiking and biking trails.Clean Ohio Big Creek at Snake Hill Area Conservation

For more information on the Clean Ohio Conservation Program, visit the Ohio Public Works Commission.