Our communities’ economies include manufacturing centers, bedroom communities, office districts, and urban centers. These combine to form the economic engine of the County.

The Economy Section covers indicators that measure the economic systems of our communities, including the location of job centers and the income, education, and occupation of residents.

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Below are sample indicators from the economy section of the Data Book. Download the Data Book to see all of the indicators that are included in this section.


Total jobs is defined as all jobs including both primary and secondary jobs for both public and private employers. Employment data is collected by the Census Bureau through a partnership with states and it covers 95% of jobs, but generally does not cover self-employment. Job location corresponds to the worker’s place of employment, not where a worker lives. It can be used to understand where jobs and job concentrations are located in Cuyahoga County.

The City of Cleveland has the most jobs of any single community in Cuyahoga County, with 37.7% of all County jobs.

Median Household Income

Median household income measures the median income of all members of a household ages 15 years or older with income. It can be used to understand the buying power of communities, and it is helpful in understanding the ability of jurisdictions to raise income taxes or support services, and of residents to maintain a high quality of life.


Inflow and outflow describe whether people are commuting into an area or out of an area for work. In this report, inflow and outflow are defined as follows:

  • Worker Inflow: those workers who live outside of a community and commute into that community for work
  • Worker Internal Flow: those workers both living and working in the same community
  • Worker Outflow: those workers commuting from their home community to work in a different community

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