Demographics are the statistics of the residents of Cuyahoga County. The data describes who residents are and how they have changed over time.

The Demographics Section covers indicators of the population, including its size and its racial and age composition. It also covers communities’ households and their size.

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Below are sample indicators from the demographics section of the Data Book. Download the Data Book to see all of the indicators that are included in this section.

Total Population

The U.S. Census Bureau’s best-known program is the decennial census, most recently conducted in 2020. Its goal was to count every person living in the United States as of April 1, 2020. Within Cuyahoga County, 29.5% of residents live in Cleveland, 39.7% live in the Inner Ring Suburbs, and 30.8% live in the Outer Ring Suburbs.

Race and Ethnicity

The Census Bureau provides data on the race and ethnicity of residents, and respondents may select both a race and an ethnicity, such as White, non-Hispanic. In this report, race and ethnicity have been grouped into five categories:

  • White Alone: White (non-Hispanic)
  • Black Alone: Black (non-Hispanic)
  • Asian Alone: Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Other Pacific
    Islander (non-Hispanic)
  • Other: Some other race or two or more races (non-
  • Hispanic: Hispanic, any race

Household Change

Household change can show the formation of new households or an increase in new housing units. Household change does not necessarily follow population change. As households get smaller, for instance, populations may decrease even as the total number of households increase.

While Cuyahoga County’s population changed little between 2015 and 2020, the number of households increased county wide. The City of Cleveland, the Inner Ring Suburbs, and the Outer Ring Suburbs also added households. This growth was especially pronounced in the City of Cleveland which increased by 4.7% or 7,820 households.

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