Grant Programs Underway

The District One Program Year 2019 state grant programs for infrastructure improvements and green space conservation are underway.

The Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) was created to oversee the State Infrastructure Programs and  the Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program. Nineteen districts were created throughout the state to select projects for funding using a merit-based process. Cuyahoga County is District One.

The District One Grant Programs application materials and workshop registration are now available.

State Infrastructure Programs

The State Infrastructure Programs assist local communities in financing local public infrastructure improvements. District One has approximately $29,848,000 in OPWC funding, available through the State Capital Improvement Program, Revolving Loan Program, and the Local Transportation Improvement Program in Program Year 2019. The application deadline is Thursday, September 20.

  • The State Capital Improvement Program (SCIP): A combined grant/loan program based on funding from general obligation bonds. SCIP funds will cover up to 90% of a project’s total cost if it is a repair or replacement project. New and expansion projects will be funded up to 50% of the project’s total cost.
  • Revolving Loan Program (RLP): As SCIP loans are repaid, those funds are set aside for the RLP. The loans are interest-free and the term based on the useful life of the infrastructure. Applicants can request up to 100% funding in the form of a loan. Infrastructure improvement projects eligible for SCIP assistance include:
    • Bridges
    • Culverts
    • Roads
    • Stormwater and sanitary collection, storage and treatment facilities
    • Water supply and distribution systems
    • Wastewater treatment systems
  • Local Transportation Improvement Program (LTIP): A grant program for roads and bridge projects only, based on funding provided from gasoline taxes.

image underground pipe in North RoyaltonState Infrastructure Programs


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Clean Ohio Greenspace Conservation Program

The Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program helps to fund preservation of open spaces, sensitive ecological areas, and stream corridors. The Clean Ohio Greenspace Conservation Program assists local communities as well as environmental and watershed related nonprofit organizations protect open space and riparian corridors.

Green space projects eligible for Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program assistance include:

  • Open space acquisition for parks and natural areas
  • Conservation easements
  • Protection and enhancement of riparian corridors
  • Wetland preservation/restoration
  • Improvements to existing Clean Ohio funded land

Program Year 2019 has approximately $3,324,704 available for grants. The application deadline is Friday, October 12.

image of Westlake wet landsClean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program


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