Special Improvement District Guidebook Explains a Unique Business and Economic Development Tool

The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission released today the Special Improvement District Guidebook, a resource describing the benefits of forming a Special Improvement District, the general process of establishing one, and best practices for such districts. It can be used by local governments, community organizations, business owners, and others interested in learning about Special Improvement Districts.

A Special Improvement District (SID) is a defined geographic area in which property owners elect to pay an additional assessment for the purposes of funding public improvements and services that benefit the district. The SID serves to support the growth and development of a business district through services that enhance the area’s vibrancy, improve its safety and cleanliness, and attract investment. Existing Special Improvement Districts in Cuyahoga County include Downtown Cleveland, Ohio City, Cedar Fairmount, and Cedar Lee.

“Our business districts are anchors for our communities, and Special Improvement Districts are a tool for growing and strengthening our business districts,” said Patrick Hewitt, Interim Executive Director of the Planning Commission. “This Special Improvement District Guidebook is an open resource for how to establish a SID in your community and provides a step-by-step guide for the process.”

Visit the Special Improvement District Guidebook.