Additional Census Data Available

The U.S. Census Bureau recently published its 2017 American Community Survey 1-year supplemental estimates, and they include data for 16 Cuyahoga County communities.

Unlike the standard American Community Survey 1-year estimates, which provide data for communities with a population of 65,000 and up, this release features data for communities with a population of 20,000 and greater. The number of tables published as part of the supplemental estimates is more limited, though.

Tables available in the supplemental estimates include population by age, population by race, means of transportation to work, median rent (mapped above), and more.

For a complete list of the available data by community, please visit our new American Community Survey 1-Year Supplemental Estimates page. For data on all Cuyahoga County Communities, please see our 5-Year ACS Estimates page. 2013-2017 5-year estimates are scheduled to be released in December 2018.