Preliminary Project Rankings Available

The District One Public Works Integrating Committee (DOPWIC) staff completed their review of applications for funding through the State Capital Infrastructure Programs.

For Program Year 2019, the DOPWIC received 58 funding requests from 37 applicants. The DOPWIC has approximately $29.8 million available in grants and loans through the State Capital Improvement Program and the Local Transportation Improvement Program, and received over $79.7 million in funding requests.

The DOPWIC staff evaluated and recommended scores for the project applications using Ohio Public Works Commission requirements and District One methodology and evaluation criteria. The Program Year 2019 Preliminary Project Rankings are now available, listed in order from the highest score to the lowest score. The top-ranked projects are the primary recommendations that equal, or come close to, the Program Year 2019 total available funds.

For additional information, including the Small Government Preliminary Rankings and details about the appeals process, please visit our State Infrastructure Programs, Current Program Year page.