Planning Grant Applications Open

County Planning is accepting applications for its 2019 Community Planning Grant Program.

Applications open: Friday, May 3, 2019
Applications close: Friday, June 7, 2019


County Planning is soliciting project applications for the 2019 Community Planning Grant program. This program will fund professional planning services by County Planning for various projects proposed by Cuyahoga County communities. These services can include such things as the development of municipal master plans, corridor studies, business district revitalization plans, zoning code analysis, recreation studies, parking studies, trail and bikeway planning, build-out analysis, walkability analysis, etc. The goal of County Planning staff through this program is to strengthen local planning by promoting and encouraging best practices for land use, economic development, and quality of life for Cuyahoga County communities.

The intent of the Community Planning Grant program is to support the mission and objectives of the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission: “to inform and provide services in support of the short and long-term comprehensive planning, quality of life, environment, and economic development of Cuyahoga County and its cities, villages and townships.”


All 59 communities in Cuyahoga County are encouraged to participate, including those municipalities that have previously received master planning awards. Local municipalities must be the primary applicant, but they are encouraged to partner with local groups, organizations, or other neighboring communities. Only one application may be submitted per eligible community.

Application Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Are communities eligible for a grant if they were awarded a master plan grant in recent years?
Yes, communities that have completed a master plan recently are eligible to apply for further planning services such as zoning code updates or more specific site, corridor, or district planning.

Can the grant be used to cover the costs of a study performed by an outside consultant?
This is a program where our planners will provide planning services for your project.

Would trail construction costs be eligible for grant funding?
This grant is for planning services only.