County Planning Releases Funding and Resources for Communities Guidebook

Today the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission released “Funding and Resources for Communities,” a guidebook aimed to help assist with the operations of communities and eligible non-profit organizations of Cuyahoga County.

Just one in a series of guidebooks produced by the Planning Commission, this resource highlights sources of grant dollars that can supplement the operating budgets of Cuyahoga County communities.

The information is presented by topic, with a description that includes the sponsor, purpose, and web link for more details. Funds and resources are listed by topics that reflect a community’s operations and delivery of services to its residents.

The topics and their subsections include:

  • Community Life: Arts, Community Development, Covid Relief and Human Health
  • Economic Growth: Economic Development, Energy Efficiency, Small Business Development and Workforce Development
  • Environmental Health: Recycling and Toxic Clean-Up
  • Housing: Financial Assistance for Dwelling Occupants, Funding & Incentives for Developers, Repair & Rehabilitation and Various Housing Resources & Funding
  • Natural Environment: Conservation, Parks, Recreation and Trees
  • Transportation: Emerging Technology, Equity & Mobility, Road & Bridge Infrastructure, Safety, Transit Providers and Various Purpose Transportation Funding
  • Water Resources: Boating, Shorelines & Streams, Stormwater Management and Water & Sewer Infrastructure

“This guidebook represents another effort by the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission to fulfill its mission to inform and provide services to support of short and long term comprehensive planning, quality of life, environment, and economic development of Cuyahoga County and its cities, villages and townships,” said Planning Commission Executive Director Mary Cierebiej.

The guidebook also describes how to best utilize its resources with tips on what to think about when writing a grant proposal and how to utilize resources that will provide technical advice for a project.