County Planning’s 2024 Funding and Resources Guidebook

The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission announces the release of the 2024 Funding and Resources Guidebook. The guidebook is a compendium of grants and other resources available to communities to help fund operations, supplement budgets, and deliver services to residents. The information in the guidebook is in many cases applicable to nonprofit organizations as well.

The grants and resources highlighted in the guidebook are grouped by broad topics that reflect the operations of a municipality. The topics are:

  • Community Life
  • Economic Growth
  • Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses
  • Environmental Health
  • Housing
  • Natural Environment
  • Transportation
  • Water

Each item highlighted in the guidebook includes a brief description, keywords to help the reader determine the types of projects appropriate for the grant or resource, and a web link to access more information. The guidebook also provides tips on what to think about when writing a grant proposal and how to utilize resources that will provide technical advice for a project.

This guidebook is one in a series of guidebooks produced by the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission. This guidebook and all others can be found on our website at

top photo: Cleveland Skyline by Erik Drost, accessed 6/17/24, licensed under CC BY 2.0