The Richmond-Chardon Roads Streetscape & Business Revitalization Plan aims to create a safe, inviting, and engaging atmosphere within the Study Area, which includes Richmond Road and the eastern portion of Chardon Road in Richmond Heights. The Plan will also generate development strategies to foster vibrant business districts within identified Target Areas.

The Richmond-Chardon Roads Streetscape & Business Revitalization Plan will include land use and economic analysis, streetscape improvement options, connectivity and complete streets components, and zoning code and design standards recommendations. City staff and officials, community stakeholders, and the public will be engaged throughout this planning process to ensure the plan is practicable and reflective of the community’s vision for the study area.

The Richmond-Chardon Roads Streetscape & Business Revitalization Plan started in May 2024 when the city of Richmond Heights was awarded professional planning services through the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission’s Community Planning Grant program. Five phases comprise this plan: Current Conditions, Vision, Recommendations & Development Scenarios, Implementation Plan, and the Final Document.

Planning Process

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Current Conditions: Assessment of demographics, infrastructure, and assets of the Study Area and Target Areas.

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Vision: Expresses broad concept(s) of how the City and community would like the Study Area and Target Areas to develop.

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Recommendations & Development Scenarios: Actions that the City can take to address identified issues and achieve the Vision.

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Implementation Plan: Outlines potential partners, funding sources, priorities, and timelines to achieve the Recommendations.

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Final Document: all phases are compiled into a cohesive document that will guide decisions and investments in the Study Area.

The Richmond-Chardon Roads Streetscape and Business Revitalization Plan will build off of recommendations made in the 2016 Richmond Heights Master Plan.

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