The Parma Town Center Strategic Master Plan will focus in and around the Shoppes at Parma, encompassing all the amenities and anchor institutions in the immediate area.

Cover of the Parma Town Center Strategic Master PlanThe Parma Town Center Strategic Master Plan was adopted by Parma City Council on February 18, 2020.

The goal of this process is to expand upon the framework outlined in the Mayor’s Town Center Task Force and use these recommendations to help create a thriving, diverse, accessible, and cohesive downtown district that connections to the community and the surrounding neighborhoods. The Town Center Strategic Master Plan is a long-term guide for the City Center and is meant to aid future development opportunities and decisions.

photo of participants at a public meetingThe City of Parma was awarded Master Plan funding through a competitive grant process from the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission. County Planning will facilitate the planning process by bringing together data, community leaders, citizens, and public institutions to craft a plan for action.

The Parma Town Center Strategic Master Plan consists of a five-phase process:

  1. Current Conditions: This phase involves data collection and analysis of various demographic metrics, physical features, community services and a review of existing plans.
  2. Community Vision: With input from residents, businesses, and community leaders, County Planning will confirm and update those visions outlined by the 2014 Town Center Task Force.
  3. Goals and Actions: County Planning will revise and update existing Town Center Task Force goals and identify specific action steps to realize the vision.
  4. Implementation: County Planning will outline timelines, responsibilities, priorities and potential funding sources for implementing strategic action steps
  5. Master Plan document: The final phase will combine all previous work into the Master Plan document, providing the necessary framework for short and long-term decisions.

The Master Plan is the community’s plan. As such, public input will be collected throughout the planning process, including at three scheduled public meetings. Additionally, the Steering Committee–which includes Parma residents, business owners, stakeholders, and community leaders, will meet to develop and refine the content of the Plan.

Look for regular updates, meeting announcements, and project materials on this page as the plan progresses.

Meeting Presentations and Materials

City Council

Public Meetings

Questions or comments about the Parma Master Plan should be directed to:

Michael Mears, PLA
Senior Planner, Cuyahoga County Planning Commission

Map of project area
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