2020 Community Planning Grants

The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission (County Planning) is soliciting project applications for the 2020 Community Planning Grant Program.

Applications open: May 21, 2020
Applications close: June 30, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

Application Materials

Cover of 2020 Planning Grant Program Manual


The primary goal of the Community Planning Grant Program is to further the mission of County Planning by offering in-kind professional services that can help strengthen local planning and promote best practices by developing and updating tools, strategies, and regulations that improve the environment, economic development, and quality of life for the residents, businesses, and visitors of Cuyahoga County. In turn, these activities will:

  • Shape future development to match community priorities and needs;
  • Prepare communities, residents, and businesses for the future;
  • Provide opportunities for community input; and,
  • Give a competitive advantage when communities are applying for grants and funding for project implementation.

Eligible Activities

Through the Community Planning Grant Program, County Planning staff will provide planning and technical services to complete various planning, zoning, and related technical projects proposed by Cuyahoga County communities. Historically this program exclusively provided services to develop and update community master plans. While this remains the focus of the program, both County Planning and county communities recognized a need for additional services that in many cases help implement the recommendations set forth in community master plans. As a result, the Community Planning Grant Program now offers a full range of services within the mission and capabilities of County Planning that respond to the diverse planning needs of the County. These activities are outlined in the Program Manual.

Many current and past projects completed by County Planning can be found online. Interested communities are encouraged to contact County Planning at (216) 443-3700 or planning@cuyahogacounty.us to discuss any project and its appropriateness for the Community Planning Grant Program prior to applying.


All 59 communities in Cuyahoga County are eligible to participate, including those that have previously received awards. Cities, villages, and townships must be the primary applicant. Communities are encouraged to partner with local groups, organizations, or other neighboring communities. Only one application can be submitted per eligible community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are communities eligible for a grant if they were awarded a master plan grant in recent years?
Yes, communities that have completed a master plan recently are eligible to apply for any planning and technical services offered by the current program.

Can the grant be used to cover the costs of a study performed by an outside consultant?
This is a program where County Planning staff will provide in-kind services to complete the project.

Would trail construction costs be eligible for grant funding?
This grant is for planning services only.