Green Bulkheads Installation

On October 7, the third iteration of the Green Bulkhead Project was installed in the Cuyahoga River’s navigation channel. The project employs the principles of biomimicry and modern engineering in an effort to create habitat for larval fish along a stretch of the river that has been heavily altered from its natural state.

Working with our partners at Biohabitats Inc., metal baskets were filled with one of three different test materials and then attached to the steel bulkheads. Some baskets were filled with sticks, others with brushes, and the rest with ordinary wiffle balls. The baskets will remain in the Cuyahoga River throughout the winter and into next year, and the three types of installations will be monitored to see which attract algae and other aquatic components needed for quality fish habitat.

Photos of the installation process are available on Flickr.DSCF0685 DSCF0733 DSCF0737