New Census Data for Cuyahoga County Communities

The U.S. Census Bureau recently published its annual five-year American Community Survey estimates. The 2011-15 estimates offer a wealth of data, including detailed statistics for every community in Cuyahoga County.

For the first time, the Census Bureau published comparison tables for the five-year estimates, allowing easy comparisons between the 2011-15 and 2006-10 estimates. Visit our five-year American Community Survey page for links to the new summary and comparison tables for each community in Cuyahoga County and for Northeast Ohio counties.

As an example of the available data, the chart above illustrates the latest summary of commuting characteristics for Cuyahoga County communities.

  • Solo car commuting was the most popular mode in every community, although some had significant portions of their populations that used other modes.
  • East Cleveland had the largest percentage of public transit riders, while carpooling was most popular in Brooklyn Heights, Garfield Heights, Middleburg Heights, and Oakwood.
  • The cities of Berea, Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, East Cleveland, and University Heights were among those with larger shares of people who walked to work, and Gates Mills, Hunting Valley, and Moreland Hills had the highest ratio of people who worked at home.

To see more local figures from this and other Census Bureau programs, visit our Census data pages.