Smart Regulations for Better Development

Your zoning code defines your future. We’ll bring your into the 21st century.


A Zoning Code is the legal framework for what a community will allow to be built. A smart code can provide flexibility for developers, a seamless process for approval, and a guidebook for quality new development. Without a modern zoning code, developers may be burdened with excessive regulation and communities may not be seeing the quality development they desire.

County Planning can help. We can update your zoning code to fit modern development patterns, to prioritize city needs, and to provide a framework for development that will protect and enhance your community.

Our Process

note iconReview the Existing Code
County Planning will review the existing code to understand the current regulatory environment in your community.

wrench iconAnalyze Needed Changes
With input from planners, developers, and community leaders, we will identify needed changes or additions to the code.

pencil-and-paper iconDevelop a Draft Zoning Code
We will then develop a draft zoning code for review. Using plain language and attractive graphics, we focus on streamlined codes that make good development easy to accomplish.

clipboard iconFinalize the Code for Approval
After community review, we will update the draft and finalize the regulatory document for approval and adoption.

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