Cover of the Orange Community Survey

Give Your Community a Voice
Housing. Communication. Events. Infrastructure. Know what your residents want.

A Community Survey provides an opportunity for public officials to gather the thoughts and opinions of residents or businesses. Covering a wide range of topics, survey results can guide policies or inform master plans.

Undertaking a Community Survey allows communities to gather extensive input from residents or businesses who might not otherwise contribute to a public process. Plus, the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission has extensive experience organizing surveys that are quick, easy, attractive, and statistically valid.

Our Process

wrench iconDesigning the Survey
Following discussions with staff, County Planning prepares a survey covering topics of interest. Example topics include housing, communication, transportation, and quality of life.

tag iconConducting the Survey
Surveys are mailed to residential addresses. Accounting for standard return rates, County Planning aims for a statistically valid response rate. Follow up post-cards help boost responses.

pencil-and-paper iconTabulating the Results
Surveys are sorted, scanned, and tabulated. Using statistical software, County Planning analyzes data for important points and trends.

pie chart iconPreparing Findings
Following analysis, County Planning will prepare a report summarizing the findings with eye-catching graphics and text explanations.

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