The Warrensville Heights Parks and Greenspace Plan will be a community-driven plan to guide the community in the development of an innovative intergenerational park and green space that will promote physical activity and develop walking trails and connections for all ages and abilities at the former John Dewey Elementary School site.


Warrensville Heights is developing a new park at 23401 Emery Road, the site of the former John Dewey Elementary School, as a response to the community’s need to bridge the gap for more green space, park and recreational areas as three elementary schools and their playgrounds and open spaces go offline.

Warrensville Heights was awarded professional Planning Services through a competitive grant process from the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission. County Planning will facilitate the planning process by bringing together data, community leaders, citizens, and public institutions to craft a plan of action.

The Warrensville Heights Parks and Greenspace Plan is the community’s plan. As such, public input will be collected throughout the planning process, including diverse community engagement strategies and public meetings. Additionally, Warrensville Heights residents, business owners, community leaders, and other stakeholders, will meet to develop and refine the content of the Plan.


The Warrensville Heights Parks and Greenspace Plan consists of a five-phase process:

The Plan Initiation and Current Conditions phase involves collecting data on demographics, land use, and transportation to be used as a baseline for understanding the community.

The Community Vision phase will utilize input from residents, businesses, and community leaders to articulate a vision for how they want the Park and surrounding Greenspace to develop and change in the next decade.

The Recommendations and Strategies phase will outline specific goals and action steps necessary to achieve the community’s desired vision for the Park.

The Implementation phase builds on the recommendation steps from the previous phase to outline strategies, partners, responsibilities, and priorities for undertaking actions.

The Parks and Greenspace Plan phase is the final phase, in which we will combine all the previous phases into a completed Parks and Greenspace Plan document.


The Warrensville Heights Parks and Greenspace Plan is currently in the Plan Initiation and Current Conditions phases. Draft documents covering each phase, as well as presentations, will be posted here.

Look for regular updates, announcements, and documents posted on this page as the plan progresses.

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Questions or comments about the Warrensville Heights Parks and Greenspace Plan update should be directed to:

Ms. Nichole Laird, Planner
Cuyahoga County Planning Commission