County Planning facilitated a planning process that surveyed public opinion and brought together community leaders and organizations to create a unified vision.

University Heights was awarded master plan funding through a competitive grant process from the Cuyahoga County Department of Development. County Planning facilitated the planning process by bringing together data, community leaders, citizens, and public institutions to craft a plan of action.

The Master Plan is focused on bringing policy and development standards forward to meet modern conditions. Incorporating mixed-use zoning, regional collaboration, alternative transportation, and connectivity to commercial, recreational, and civic uses considered for the vision of the next decade.

A graph showing the response from the Community Survey on identified Master Plan issues.

As part of the planning process, University Heights also contracted with County Planning to conduct a Community Survey to identify the City’s strengths, weaknesses, and desired focus of public action and policy. The survey was initiated after the Master Plan process had already begun, meaning the community had the ability to comment on issues, policies, and actions that had already been formulated.

Plan Documents

Questions or comments about the University Heights Master Plan update should be directed to:

Mr. Micah Stryker
Planner, Cuyahoga County Planning Commission