Economic growth and change over the last 15 years has shown the City of Strongsville the importance of having a plan to direct future growth and development. The City has engaged County Planning to help create a vision and framework for the next ten years.

Draft Master Plan

Cover of the draft master planPart One

  1. Introduction
  2. Current Conditions
  3. Community Vision
  4. Place-Based Framework

Part Two

  1. Place-Based Framework (continued)
  2. Community-Wide Framework
  3. Implementation
public meeting display board with feedback
Public meeting display board with feedback

The City of Strongsville provides both a strong economy and excellent neighborhoods. Having experienced significant growth through the previous two decades, it is now in a position where future growth is becoming restrained by less and less available land. Developments built twenty years ago are now entering a cycle of maintenance and need for redevelopment. The city has engaged County Planning to facilitate the development of a Master Plan that balances economic and residential growth and investment to keep the City strong as a place for business and families.

Meeting Materials

Public Meeting #3 (October 23, 2018)

Public Meeting #2 (June 28, 2018)

Public Meeting #1 (February 22, 2018)


Photo of the gazeboThe Master Plan will focus on several aspects of development:

  • Land Use: Determining the best and highest use for that land will guide decision makers during the process of making land-use choices between often varied and competing interests;
  • Streetscapes: Design standards that provide direction for future improvements and development, with the goal of strengthening the character of Strongsville and its retail districts;
  • Economic Development: Update the strategies to guide Strongsville’s economic base through the challenges of an “ever changing” economy such as on-line shopping, competing markets, and finding an ideal balance of small and large businesses;
  • Transportation: Identify potential roadway problems in the City’s transportation corridors and develop strategies for improvement; and
  • Connectivity: Explore the health, perceptual, and economic benefits of more walkable and bikeable commercial and residential districts.

County Planning will be assisted in the process by a Project Team made of City staff to provide guidance and local expertise. The process will also include key stakeholder interviews and several public open houses to seek input and to ensure that the Plan captures the community’s vision for the future.

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Rachel Novak
Planner, Cuyahoga County Planning Commission
Micah Stryker, AICP
Planner, Cuyahoga County Planning Commission

Draft Strongsville Focus Corridors

Map of Strongsville Focus Corridors