The City of Lakewood's Madison Park Master Plan is a community-driven plan that seeks to address the current and future needs of all Madison Park users in an inclusive and equitable manner.

Madison Park Master Plan

The Madison Park Master Plan was adopted by Lakewood City Council on May 20, 2024.

Thank you, residents, community stakeholders, and City of Lakewood staff, administration, and elected officials for your thoughtful input and dedication during this process!

Understanding that Madison Park is an essential component of Lakewood's community identity, this Master Plan ensures that the park is supportive of the neighborhood's residents, businesses, and environment. The Plan articulates a clear vision; outlines recommendations and action items to be completed; outlines roles and responsibilities; identifies anticipated costs and funding strategies; and establishes a timeline for implementation that will guide future improvements and recreational opportunities over the next decade.


Located adjacent to the historic Birdtown neighborhood, Madison Park sits on 17 acres on Madison Avenue in Lakewood's southeast corner. A cultural and social center of the neighborhood, Madison Park hosts an array of amenities including multiple athletic fields and courts, picnic pavilions, a playground, and Becks Pool. However, much of Madison Park's infrastructure and amenities are aging and the demographics of the community have changed. The City of Lakewood is committed to investing in the Park to ensure it remains a relatable, useable, and high-quality community asset.

The Madison Park Master Plan recommends park updates to better suit Lakewood's current and future population, to better accommodate the communities that currently use it, and to invite more communities to enjoy Madison Park into the future. The Plan aligns with previous City plans and studies and is directed by robust community engagement.

Planning Process

The planning process for the Lakewood Madison Park Master Plan consists of five phases.

Current Conditions
This phase involves an assessment of the current demographics, amenities, assets, infrastructure, and programming of Madison Park and the surrounding neighborhood. This information is used as a baseline for the City of Lakewood and the following phases of this plan.

Park Vision

Based on information from the Current Conditions phase and input from local residents, neighborhood organizations, and other key stakeholders, this phase outlines a broad vision of how the park can meet the needs of residents in the future.


This phase develops and organizes recommended goals and actions that the City of Lakewood and other stakeholders can take to address identified issues and attain the community Vision for the park.

Implementation Plan

This phase outlines potential partners, funding sources, priorities, and timelines to achieve the recommended goals and actions.

Final Madison Park Master Plan Document

The final phase compiles all the previous phases into a cohesive document portraying the story and goals of the Madison Park Master Plan.

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