The Lorain Road Business District Revitalization Plan is a land use and economic development plan for Lorain Road as it travels through the City of Fairview Park. This plan will establish a vision for the future of the corridor by identifying key strategies and policies to guide development.

Lorain Road is centrally important to the regional connectivity, economic vitality, and overall strength of the City of Fairview Park. The Lorain Road Business District Revitalization Plan will address four key areas integral to the corridor: Infrastructure and Transportation, Economic Development, Identity and Branding, and Land Use and Zoning.  This will be accomplished through a public process to identify potential development scenarios for areas along the corridor which will be used to identify preferred and implementation actions for the city.


Meeting Materials

Public Open House #2 (November 15, 2023)

Public Open House #1 (May 25, 2023)

Planning Process

The planning process for the Lorain Road Business District Revitalization Plan began in December 2022, when the City of Fairview Park was awarded professional planning services through a competitive grant process from the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission. The Lorain Road District Revitalization Plan consists of five phases that will culminate in a complete plan.

Corridor Profile
This initial phase involves collecting and analyzing data on the existing infrastructure, development patterns, economic conditions, and community assets that make Lorain Road unique. This is used as a baseline for the City of Fairview Park and the following phases of this plan.

Corridor Vision
Based on the Corridor Profile and input from residents, businesses, community groups, and city leaders, County Planning will facilitate development of a Corridor Vision for how Lorain Road should grow and develop in the coming years. This will be a broad and forward-looking summary that will identify general directions and key principles for the corridor.

Corridor Development Scenarios and Strategies
This phase will identify specific options for the development of the corridor through detailed development scenarios that will support the Corridor Vision and address identified opportunities and issues. This phase will draw upon existing plans and work with concurrent planning and development efforts taking place along Lorain Road in the neighboring cities of Cleveland and North Olmsted.

Preferred Development Scenario and Implementation Plan
This phase will define a Preferred Development Scenario based on community and business feedback received in the previous phase. This will be paired with an Implementation Plan that will outline recommended actions and highlight potential partners, funding sources, case studies, and resources to achieve the preferred development scenario.

Final Lorain Road District Revitalization Plan
The final phase will combine the work of the previous phases into a final, cohesive document.

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