The Highland Hills Comprehensive Plan will update the Village’s community goals and objectives, serve as a framework for the Village to make informed policy decisions and will reposition the Village to better align with future opportunities.

Incorporated in 1990, the Village of Highland Hills is one of the youngest communities in Cuyahoga County—and with just over 600 residents in an area of two square miles, it is also one of the smallest. The new Village immediately recognized its potential in the region, and Highland Hills’ leadership adopted its first Comprehensive Plan in 1993. Over the last thirty years, Highland Hills has experienced many changes–including new developments and new challenges–and has recognized the need to reposition itself to better align with future opportunities. To accomplish this, the Village is partnering with County Planning to update its Comprehensive Plan.

This Update will provide the opportunity for the Village, its residents, and stakeholders to reevaluate its existing infrastructure and public assets, to identify current issues, needs, and opportunities, and to update the Village’s community goals and objectives for future growth and development. This Plan will be based on widespread engagement of residents, community leaders, and local and regional stakeholders, and will consider the Village’s relationship to adjacent communities where they may impact Highland Hills’ land use and economic development decisions.

Announcements and Materials

Stay tuned! This page will provide regular updates, meeting announcements and engagement opportunities as the plan progresses. Draft documents and presentations will also be posted here.


County Planning began work on the Highland Hills Comprehensive Plan Update in October 2023, and expects to complete it in 12 months. The Update will include the following phases:

current conditions iconCurrent Conditions
This phase involves reviewing the previous comprehensive plan and studies and collecting data on demographics, existing infrastructure, economic conditions, community facilities, land use, and transportation to provide a baseline understanding of the community’s assets and challenges and to identify where future opportunities exist.

community vision iconCommunity Vision

This phase will outline Highland Hills’ vision for how it wants to grow and develop in the coming decade. This will be a broad and visionary summary that is based on feedback and ideas from residents, property owners, stakeholders, and the village. It will help guide recommendations and provide a general direction for the Village.

recommendations iconRecommendations

This phase will outline specific actions and strategies to address the issues and opportunities identified in the Current Conditions Phase and to overall accomplish the Community Vision.

implementation iconImplementation

This phase prioritizes recommendations and outlines the strategies, partners, responsibilities, and potential funding sources for undertaking the recommendations.

final document iconFinal Document

In the final phase, County Planning will combine all the previous phases into a complete Comprehensive Plan document.


Engagement of residents, property owners, local and regional stakeholders and adjacent community leaders will take place throughout the project. The planning process will include different engagement opportunities through surveys, interviews, and in-person meetings.

Contact Us

Questions or comments about the Highland Hill Comprehensive Plan Update can be directed to:

Ms. Laura Mendez Ortiz, AICP, Project Lead