The City of East Cleveland’s Parks & Greenspace Plan is a community-driven plan for improving the City’s neighborhood parks, strengthening connections to parks, and leveraging parks for new development.

East Cleveland has a tremendous network of parks and recreation spaces with more than 200 acres of parkland in seven City parks. The City of East Cleveland has more park space per resident than the national average and has historic, expansive parks that would be the envy of other communities. The opportunity exists to improve these park spaces, add amenities desired by residents, and use these spaces to enhance the sense of community.

overview of park statisticsEast Cleveland was awarded funding for this plan through a competitive grant process from the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission. Building off previous visioning work in the City, County Planning is facilitating the planning process by bringing together data, community leaders, citizens, and regional partners to craft a plan for action. Look for regular updates, announcements, and documents posted on this page as the plan progresses.



The City of East Cleveland’s Parks & Greenspace Plan consists of a five-phase process:

Current Conditions: The Current Conditions phase outlines current park amenities, analyzes demographics and land use, and identifies areas lacking park space as a baseline for understanding the City’s park system and how it compares locally, regionally, and nationally

Vision for Parks: In the Vision for Parks phase, residents outline their vision for how parks should change, expand, or be preserved

Recommendations: In the Recommendations phase, action steps are identified that can be taken to achieve the community’s vision for parks

Implementation: The Implementation phase outlines priorities and responsibilities for actions to show how to accomplish each

Parks & Greenspace Plan Document: In this final phase, the previous pieces are combined into a complete, final document


Because of the current COVID-19 health guidelines, typical large-scale public meetings are not possible. County Planning worked with the City of East Cleveland, the Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope (NOAH), and other partners to engage the community and facilitate ongoing discussion.

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Questions or comments about the East Cleveland Parks & Greenspace Plan should be directed to:

Mr. James Sonnhalter
Manager, Planning Services
Cuyahoga County Planning Commission