The Streetscape Improvement Plan for Brookpark Road in the cities of Brooklyn, Parma, and the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland will provide guidance to improve this vital geographic and economic gateway as well as recommendations for safety and transportation, the environmental impact of stormwater management, and visual aesthetics.


The five-mile stretch of Brookpark Road through Brooklyn, Parma, and the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland incorporates land uses for heavy industry, light industry, big box retail, small retail, single and multi-family housing, and a Metropark. Its proximity to I-480 and SR-176 (the Jennings Freeway) allows easy access for cars and trucks bringing shoppers or manufacturing materials to locations on Brookpark Road.

A portion of Brookpark Road along this corridor is located within a FEMA floodplain. Three tributaries of the Cuyahoga River cross Brookpark Road within the study area: Big Creek Main Branch, Big Creek West Branch, and Stickney Creek. Heavy rainfall periodically floods portions of Brookpark Road in the study area and has caused road and building closures.

Brooklyn, Parma, and Cleveland’s Old Brooklyn CDC desire to augment this important economic corridor with cohesive improvements that will enhance business retention and development, improve pedestrian access, create coordinated plans and signage, and imbue a sense of place along Brookpark Road.


Brooklyn, Parma, and the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland share a common vision for land use, zoning, signage, and function on Brookpark Road. To facilitate the achievement of this vision, the County Planning Commission will look at uncoordinated land uses, lack of design standards, incompatible sign regulations, the regulation of curb cuts, and the lack of pedestrian amenities along this five-mile corridor.

A focus on the movement of vehicular traffic through the corridor is key to this Streetscape Improvement Plan. From the Chevrolet Blvd intersection on the west end of the corridor to the Jennings Freeway intersection on the east end, large amounts of traffic traverse Brookpark Road daily.  Four intersections (Tiedeman, Ridge, State, and the Jennings Freeway) have direct access to I-480 and regional destinations further east and west. The SR-176 Jennings Freeway is a north-south route between downtown Cleveland and Brookpark Road. With high vehicular traffic movement along this five-mile corridor, scrutiny of intersections for right-of-way improvements and analysis of directional signage is important for the smooth flow of traffic.

Studying the adequacy of ingress/egress to businesses and parking lots adjacent to Brookpark Road is important to maintaining and stimulating economic activity for the businesses. Evaluating pedestrian refuge and safety components for general movement along the corridor will generate improved pedestrian access to places of employment and for shopping.

Enhancements to current stormwater management measures to help reduce flooding is critical to the attraction and retention of businesses along Brookpark Road. The addition of permeable surfaces, greenery, and plantings that absorb excess water will introduce an infrastructure improvement and a significant aesthetic impact to this corridor.

Through study of the issues identified by the cities, and with information gathered through surveys and meetings with residents, businesses, and city officials, the Streetscape Improvement Plan produced by the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission will provide recommendations for economic, environmental, and quality of life improvements for the Brookpark Road corridor. It will reflect the cities’ cohesive economic vision for this area and present the coordinated plans and matching design/images fundamental to the creation of a distinctly unique destination for work and shopping.


Current Conditions

An analysis of the existing conditions of Brookpark Road gathered through interviews with stakeholders, public data sources, other public plans, and a review of selective environmental, economic, and census data. This information will be presented throughout the planning process and will be expanded as new information becomes available.

Corridor Vision

Collection of interviews with local and regional stakeholders, public surveys, focus groups, and first-person interviews with key stakeholders to assess and determine the desired outcomes for the Brookpark Road corridor. Due to COVID-19 public health guidelines for in-person meetings, it is expected that all interviews and surveys will be done online.

Goals and Actions

Articulation of actions that foster the vision obtained through research and surveys. Again, due to public health guidelines for in-person meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic, this information will be presented virtually, and posted online on the County Planning Commission website under the Brookpark Road Streetscape Improvement Plan project.

Implementation Plan

A step-by-step guide to actions that will deliver the vision identified for the Brookpark Road Streetscape Improvement Plan project.

Streetscape Corridor Plan Report

The final report for the Brookpark Road Streetscape Improvement Plan will summarize the process of producing the plan. It will include the current conditions, the vision, specific recommendations and a timeline for achieving those proposed actions, and available funding sources to help pay for the recommended enhancements to the corridor area.

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