The mission of the Aerozone Alliance is to create a world class innovation hub. Attracting more smart jobs and greater capital investment, the effort capitalizes on the unique strength of a 15.5-mile district to create regional economic growth.

Map of the Aerozone area

Envision an employment center of 50,000 high paying technology jobs clustered in the region and communities surrounding Cleveland Hopkins Airport. These jobs and the accompanying benefits of economic development activity would originate with the engineering science and performance fulfillment outcomes of work NASA Glenn Research Center performs in its key role for the mission to Mars.

The vision is further sharpened with the remarkable success NASA Glenn has achieved supporting emerging entrepreneurs and minority and female businesses through the Federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STIR) Programs.

Coordination of these ventures by bringing together the resources and stakeholders necessary to achieve the same promise and potential of places like University Circle and Midtown Cleveland underlay the purpose of the Aerozone Alliance.

The Aerozone Alliance has been organized to create the conditions for an airport city or “aerotropolis” to take shape.

The Aerozone Alliance will work collaboratively with public and private stakeholders to attract small and medium-sized companies, large corporations, and multi-national corporations; and to entice developing technologies to commercialize in the geographic area near Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and the NASA Glenn Research Center facilities.

Logos of the Aerozone and partner agencies

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