September 10, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cuyahoga County Administration Building was closed for public meetings at the time of the meeting. As a result, this meeting was conducted remotely in accordance with State of Ohio HB 197. Interested persons could access the meeting via livestream by using the following link:

No emails were received for public comment.

The meeting of the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission (County Planning) was called to order by Mr. Michael Dever at 2:04 p.m. and the roll call showed a quorum was present.

On a motion by Mr. Dever, seconded by Mayor Bobst, the minutes for August 31, 2020, were duly adopted by unanimous vote.

Ms. Fields joined the meeting.

No old business.


Resolution No. 200910-A
Approving the Administrative Cost Agreement with the Ohio Public Works Commission acting on behalf of the District One Public Works Integrating Committee for State Fiscal Year 2021.

Ms. Ball reported that the State Infrastructure Programs provide funding for capital improvement projects through the State Capital Improvement Program (SCIP), the Local Transportation Improvement Program (LTIP), and the Revolving Loan Program (RLP). Since 1991, the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission has administered the program on behalf of the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) and District One Public Works Integrating Committee (DOPWIC) for $65,000.

In the Program Year 2021 Administrative Cost Agreement, the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission will receive an allocation of approximately $29 million for State Fiscal Year 2021 to award to projects. OPWC has signed the Administrative Cost Agreement and the DOPWIC approved Exhibit 1, the Administrative Services Agreement, on August 25, 2020. Work will include coordination of meetings, development of application materials, project evaluation and selection, and assistance to applicants. The contract is for a one-year term beginning July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021 for $65,000.

Mayor Bobst asked if this was the same agreement as in the past. Ms. Ball answered that the only change is requiring a signature from OPWC, County Planning, and the Chair of the Committee. Mayor Sellers asked if the contract amount has changed to match cost through the years of these contracts. Ms. Ball answered that this is mandated by the Ohio Revised Code and this is the maximum allowed, she will research what the contract amount was in 1991.

On a motion by Mr. Dever, seconded by Mayor Sellers, Resolution No. 200910-A, Approving the Administrative Cost Agreement with the Ohio Public Works Commission acting on behalf of the District One Public Works Integrating Committee for State Fiscal Year 2021, was duly adopted by unanimous vote.

Resolution No. 200910-B
Approving the Contract for Professional Planning Services with SmithGroup for the Cuyahoga County Lakefront Public Access Plan.

Mr. Hewitt started by explaining that the Lakefront Public Access Plan aims to develop a multi-modal, active transportation network of connected paths, all-purpose trails, boardwalks, roads, bridges, and public access points across the Cuyahoga County Lakefront while addressing points of coastal erosion. The plan will include multiple public engagement efforts in the County’s lakefront communities. The aim is to deliver a countywide lakefront vision and more detailed planning in targeted areas identified through the planning process. One of the major components being used as an example is the Euclid, Ohio lakefront project.

Mr. Sonnhalter gave background of the project and the RFQ. As part of previously funded agreements between County Planning and Public Works, County Planning developed initial scoping activities to determine potential for improved lakefront access. The Department of Public Works committed to further study lakefront access following the County Executive’s State of the County in 2019. Public Works engaged County Planning to prepare various maps, graphics, and illustrations to refine the scope of a proposed countywide lakefront study. County Planning and the Department of Public Works released a joint Request for Qualifications on July 1, 2020 through the American Planning Association, PublicPurchase.com, and the Department’s Preferred Vendors List. By the deadline of July 17,2020, five Statements of Qualifications were received. SmithGroup received the highest score and a Notice of Intent to Award was sent on August 6, 2020. The selected consultant team is led by SmithGroup and includes CTL Engineering, Inc. for the shoreline and geotechnical issues; Ohio Valley Archeology, Inc. insuring compliance with section 106 requirements; Third Space Action Lab, LLC; and WSP USA Inc. will be responsible for innovative public engagement strategies. The selected consultant group is partnering with certified WBE, DBE, and MBE firms including Ohio Valley Archeology, Inc. and CTL Engineering, Inc. The SmithGroup team includes the project managers for the Euclid Waterfront Master Plan and Rocky River’s Bradstreet’s Landing Park.

Mr. Hewitt explained the funding came through the Inter-Agency Funding Agreement. The Contract between County Planning and SmithGroup specifies a not-to-exceed amount of $275,800. The project will be funded through the $300,000 Inter-Agency Agreement between County Planning and the Department of Public Works approved by the Board in Resolution 200514-D. Looking for Commission approval and then the Interim Executive Director could execute the contract.

Mr. Dever added that the Executive had a large press conference in regard to Lakefront Public Access Plan at the end of 2019, a priority for the County. Mr. Dever appreciates the efforts of County Planning in embracing this effort and taking on this large project. Everyone is looking forward to the results by the end of second quarter of 2021. Mayor Bobst thanked Mr. Dever for going to the various municipal communities and entities explaining the early vision and the thought process behind the expected accomplishments making everyone excited about the project. Rocky River has also work with SmithGroup for the Bradstreet Landing Park with success.

On a motion by Mr. Dever, seconded by Councilperson Brown, Resolution No. 200910-B, Approving the Contract for Professional Planning Services with Smith Group for the Cuyahoga County Lakefront Public Access Plan, was duly adopted by unanimous vote.

Mr. Hewitt reported on the following:
The Special Improvement District (SID) Guidebook, as part of County Planning’s Guidebook Series. It is the first formalized Countywide Guidebook that provides information about specific topics and practices of municipal government operations, these items come up throughout many of the master plans. The purpose of the SID Guidebook is to describe benefits of forming a SID, list the general process of establishment, and outline best practices for SIDs.

A Special Improvement District is a defined area in which property owners elect to pay an additional assessment in order to fund public improvements and services that benefit the district.
Common goals of a SID;

  • Enhance an area’s vibrancy
  • Improve its safety and cleanliness
  • Attract investment

Common services of a SID:

  • Safety and assistance
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Physical improvements
  • Events and activities
  • Business services
  • Promotions
  • Community services

The Guidebook outlines the Process for forming a SID

  • Be the champion for forming a SID
  • Establish a Steering Committee
  • Set boundaries & determine assessments
  • Develop a services plan
  • Incorporate the SID’s nonprofit
  • Gather petition signatures
  • Gain approval & operate the district

Specific action steps are outlined in the Guidebook, and Special Improvement Districts are successful—all SIDs in Cuyahoga County have been renewed at the end of their first cycle. Property owners in the district elect to assess themselves in order to pay for services that must be in addition to typical services provided by the City and each SID is customized by local property owners. SIDs have had important impacts on communities served and the guidebook is available for download at www.CountyPlanning.us/Guidebooks
Additional resources are available on the website and this will be rolling out next week.

Mr. Hewitt continued with an update on the Subdivision Regulations that were approved by Administrative Rules Board on Tuesday, August 18 and will be going before County Council for third and final reading on Tuesday, September 15.

Parma Garage Zoning was approved, it is a small zoning research request for appropriate garage standards. The contract is a not-to-exceed amount of $1,000 in income for County Planning.

A proposal has been submitted for a zoning map update for Middleburg Heights as a follow-up to City’s ongoing Master Plan and Zoning Code Update.

The Department of Law and the Department of Human Resources are conducting a review of Independent Contractor status as an update for the Chaney Contract and Mr. Hewitt will report the results when received.

Census 2020 self-response is still open and available with field operations underway, but the time may be reduced. Advertising and outreach are ongoing. Cuyahoga County has surpassed previous self-response rate from the 2010 presently at 65.9% response rate. Honey Hut is offering a prize together for most improved community response rate in September. Find out more information at www.CountyPlanning.us/2020Census.

No comments from the public.

ADJOURNMENT at 2:31 p.m.
On a motion by Mr. Dever, seconded by Mayor Bobst, the meeting was adjourned with unanimous vote.

Next Scheduled Meeting: Thursday, October 8, 2020


September 10, 2020

Mayor Pamela BobstYes
Mayor Michael Dylan BrennanYes
Councilperson Shontel BrownYes
Mayor Michael ByrneYes
Mr. Freddie CollierYes
Mr. Michael DeverYes
Mayor Anthony DiCiccoNo
Mayor Michael GammellaNo
Mayor Michael ProcukYes
Mayor Brad SellersYes
Councilperson Sunny SimonYes