OCTOBER 12, 2023

The meeting of the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission (County Planning) was called to order by Director Dever at 2:04 p.m. and the roll call showed a quorum was present.

No requests for public comment.

On a motion by Mayor Welo, seconded by Mayor Brennan, the meeting minutes for September 14, 2023 were duly adopted with a unanimous vote.


Resolution No. 231012-A
Requesting the disapproval of the Preliminary Plan for the Willow Grove Subdivision, a proposed Residential Muti-Family Townhouse Development, located on the south side of Bagley Road in Olmsted Township that proposes the development of 202 townhouses on 29.23 acres.

This Resolution was withdrawn by the applicant.

Resolution No. 231012-B
Requesting the approval of a Professional Services proposal submitted by Studio Chartreuse to provide the County Planning Commission with a new Logo, Style Rebranding, and Color Palette. Upon acceptance of the proposal, the County Planning Commission seeks authorization to execute a professional services contract with Studio Chartreuse for these services.

Director Cierebiej reported that six proposals were received, and four firms were interviewed. Studio Chartreuse was selected; it is a woman-owned firm, established in 2003 with a Strategic & Collaborative approach. The result will be 3-5 design solutions to choose from, not to exceed $14,400 (120 hours). There is a plan to present the final logo to the Board in December, 2023.

On a motion by Director Huang, seconded Mayor Sellers, Resolution No. 231012-B Requesting the approval of a Professional Services proposal submitted by Studio Chartreuse to provide the County Planning Commission with a new Logo, Style Rebranding, and Color Palette, was duly adopted with a unanimous vote.

Councilperson Simon arrived to replace Mr. Nanni.

Director Mary Cierebiej started her report with the Kudos Corner:

Lakefront Public Access Plan – APA Ohio Award Winner for Comprehensive Planning, Large Jurisdiction Congratulations to Jim Sonnhalter, Mike Dever, the Public Works team, and SmithGroup on this award. The Plan has resulted in the advancement of multiple lakefront focus areas and the Euclid Beach Connector is scheduled for construction in 2024.

Balancing Broadway – APA Ohio Award Winner for Planning Student Showcase Congratulations to Paul Triolo and his former Cleveland State classmates on this award. Director Cierebiej noted that it was great to see the hard work of students being recognized by their fellow planners.

And lastly, Director Cierebiej congratulated Alison Ball for being awarded the 2023 Conservationist of the Year from the Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District. The Conservationist of the Year is a prestigious award honoring an individual or organization that has demonstrated outstanding dedication to the protection, restoration, and preservation of our natural resources within Cuyahoga County. The recipient consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to conservation practices, environmental stewardship, and the protection of local ecosystems. Alison was selected for this award because of her impressive work administering the HUTC, SCIP, and Clean Ohio programs. Her work across Cuyahoga County is helping to support County Planning’s mission and leave a legacy of conservation for years to come.

Bylaws Update
County Council Third Reading Adoption on October 12th

  • Resolution O2023-0015: An Ordinance amending Section 206.12 of the Cuyahoga County Code to codify the county’s planning regions represented by the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission and to clarify the procedures for the designation of alternates and declaring the necessity that this Ordinance become immediately effective.

Requiring the approval of County Council for designation of alternates has not changed (ORC 713.22). It is anticipated that there will be Board action on amended Bylaws at the December, 2023 meeting that will include any questions about alternates.

Budget Update Clarification
Director Cierebiej answered a question that was raised about our budget for benefits. Following the last board meeting in September, 2023 and after discussion with OBM, Director Cierebiej wanted to report back that the 2023 budgeted fringe percentage that was discussed at the September Board meeting was distorted due inclusion of salaries for Students, Temps and Fellows, who received little to no fringe benefits. While total salaries include these staff, the fringe calculation did not, and that was the difference in what was presented last month.


For 2024, the budgeted fringe rate is 30.35%, for 2025, the budgeted fringe rate is 30.75%.

Councilperson Simon reported that the Council had the first budget hearing and that the Council supports continuing to fund the Healthy Urban Tree Canopy Program.  Mayor Welo spoke about the State of Ohio reducing funds to the communities and that the program is necessary. Mayor Sellers spoke about the parks assessment that County Planning is doing for his community, and its recommendation that they need trees; and that without the Healthy Urban Tree Canopy program there is no funding for tree planting in the community of Warrensville Heights. Director Cierebiej reported that in the 2023 round of Healthy Urban Tree Canopy program, grants of $950,000 were awarded to nineteen (19) projects in the County.

Director Cierebiej also reported that the 2024 Planning Grants Program is being shaped now with consideration of capacity and funding. One idea is to stagger the grants so that as projects are being completed there will be planners to start new projects.

Old Business
There was no old business.

New Business
There was no new business.

On a motion by Mayor Sellers, seconded by Mayor Brennan, the Planning Commission meeting was adjourned at 2:27 p.m.

Next Meeting is tentative for November 17, 2023

October 12, 2023

Mayor Bibb/ Director HuangYes
Mayor Michael Dylan BrennanYes
Councilperson Yvonne ConwellYes Michael King
Mayor Dailey JonesYes
Director Michael DeverYes
Mayor GalloYes
Mayor OrcuttYes
Mayor Brad SellersYes
Councilperson Sunny SimonYes Joseph Nanni for part of meeting
Mayor TraoreNo
Mayor WeloYes

Annette Linden, County Planning
Alison Ball, County Planning
Reid Stephan, County Law
Rick Porter, Willow Grove
Jordan Berns, Willow Grove