Minutes of the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission

April 10, 2014

The meeting of the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission (CCPC) was called to order by Mr. Kelly with attendance as reported in Attachment A.

Mr. Coyne asked to amend the minutes to indicate that the Urban Tree Canopy funding grant was provided by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. On a motion by Mr. Cantor, and a second by Councilwoman Simon, the minutes of the February 13, 2014 meeting were unanimously approved.

Contracts more than $5,000.00
Resolution No. 140410-A, to authorize a contract with the Village of Orange to conduct a Community Attitude Survey for an amount between $12,000.00 and $15,000.00, was introduced. In response to a question regarding the how the cost of the survey was determined, Ms. Hopkins stated that the amount is based on past survey work. Councilwoman Simon indicated that not many communities know that the CCPC can do this type of work and that the CCPC should develop a marketing brochure to send to communities. Councilwoman Simon made the motion to approve Resolution No. 1404103-A, which was seconded by Mayor Byrne and unanimously approved.

Mr. Kelly noted that Mayor Procuk had arrived and introduced Resolution No. 1404103-B, which would authorize the Executive Director to execute a contract with a branding and graphic design firm, which had yet to be selected by an internal Review Team. Mr. Coyne explained that the CCPC had issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) in February 2014 to hire a branding and graphic design firm to develop a logo, a tag line and possibly a new website. Mr. Coyne reported that the CCPC received four (4) responses and a group of three (3) staff members along with Councilwoman Simon were to evaluate the responses and ask two to three of firms to interview.

Mr. Coyne reported that instead of waiting until the June meeting to have a contract approved, he was requesting that the Commission give him authorization to sign a contract with the firm selected for an amount not to exceed $12,000.00. Mr. Kelly expressed concern about providing open-ended authorization for a contract without a firm dollar amount; however, other members of the Commission expressed comfort with a dollar range of $3,000 – $12,000. On a motion by Mayor Procuk, seconded by Mr. Cantor, Resolution No. 140410-B was approved with Mr. Kelly voting no and Mayor Infeld abstaining because she had just arrived.

Contracts under $5,000.00
Mr. Coyne reported that the CCPC would be entering into a contract for $2,000.00 with the City of North Royalton contract to prepare a Council Ward Redistricting Study.

Mr. Coyne introduced Mr. Patrick Hewitt, who was hired as a Planner, and Ms. Deborah Riemann, who had been an intern but had also been hired as a Planner. Mr. Coyne reported on the status of the CCPC’s move to the new County Administration Headquarters in July 2014.

Ms. Kilbane provided an overview of the revised Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual and stated that there was still one issue outstanding that needed to be resolved before the revised Manual could be submitted for approval.

Mr. Coyne reported that the CCPC would be submitting an application to the U.S Dept. of Transportation for a TIGER Planning Grant to do the Cuyahoga County Connectivity Plan. Mr. Kelly asked if this Connectivity Plan would complement the work of the Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium (NEOSCC) and duplicate the work. Mr. Coyne stated that the NEOSCC work is part of the justification for the study but that the work in the grant would zero in on Cuyahoga County and added that the NEOSCC recommended that county’s that were part of the study area continue on with the work.

Mr. Kelly welcomed Olmsted Township Trustee Sherri Lippus to her first meeting representing the Southwest district.

Mr. Kelly announced that the next meeting was scheduled for Thursday, June 12, 2014 at the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission, 2429 Superior Viaduct, Cleveland, OH 44113.

The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Councilwoman Simon and a second by Mayor Byrne.

Attachment A

Cuyahoga County Planning Commission

April 10, 2014 Attendance
Mr. Robert BrownYes, by Mr. Cantor
Mayor Michael ByrneYes
Mayor Vic CollovaNo
Mr. Edward FitzGeraldYes, by Mr. Kelly
Mayor GordenYes
Mayor Susan InfeldYes
Trustee Sherri LippusYes
Mayor Eileen PattonNo
Mayor Michael ProcukYes
Council Person Sunny SimonYes
Others: Mr. Glenn Coyne, Ms. Claire Kilbane, Ms. Kristin Hopkins, Mr. Dan Meany, Mr. Patrick Hewitt