Joyce Huang

Joyce Pan Huang for Mayor Justin Bibb

Director, Cleveland City Planning Commission

Joyce Pan Huang is the Director of City Planning for the City of Cleveland in the Bibb administration. Prior to this appointment, she served as the Vice President of Community Development in MidTown for the MidTown and AsiaTown neighborhoods. During Joyce’s tenure at MidTown Cleveland, she coordinated five visionary and community-driven planning efforts for MidTown’s transportation corridors, neighborhood-based arts and culture, and the innovative Neighborhood Vision Plan. Joyce also executed on a variety of placebuilding projects, culminating in a mural festival that added 19 murals to the neighborhood. Her own contributions in the Asian American Pacific Islander community led to the formation of an AsiaTown team housed at MidTown Cleveland, the first to serve residents comprising staff of Asian descent with language fluency. A deep respect for people, culture, and lived experience drives her philosophy for neighborhood growth. Racial equity and belonging are the key driving principles for her work, along with the belief that people-centered investments and relationship-building are central to developing dynamic neighborhoods.

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