The City of Parma engaged County Planning to update its official zoning map. The six-sheet map set was lastĀ updated inĀ 2000, and is laid out on a 1980 parcel base map.

County Planning is using its Geographic Information Systems software to digitize the zoning map as-is, guided by the latest digital parcel and right-of-way mapping provided by the County Fiscal Office and the County GIS Department. Once the zoning base is established, Planning GIS staff will apply over 40 zoning ordinance updates, which will bring the map to a current state.

Upon completion, County Planning will provide the City with an updated series of hard-copy maps and a modern, GIS-enabled digital file. A copy of the GIS data file will also be provided to the County Fiscal Office to incorporate into their countywide generalized zoning map for tax appraisal purposes.